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Through the blue and sparkling sea
We’ll leap and dive and chase the fish

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Ever since that day, every samezuka crew’s birthdays are numbered and they all live in fear of Sousuke’s revenge.

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I’m pretty sure this is my favorite quote from this show ever

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when my mom calls me downstairs by my full name

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…I want his old hair back. dammit. TuT;;

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Hello, have a GIF of me blushing on Fuji TV
:;(∩´﹏`メ∩);: ハズカシイ

Mezamashi TV flew over to Manila to cover the Asian premiere of Kyoto Inferno last month. I was part of the RuroKen movie cosplay group chosen by Warner Bros. to be a part of the festivities. Minako-san interviewed us during one of the press conferences, and this is the part where she remarks that I resemble Takeru Satoh. While I find myself unworthy of the compliment, I’m happy that my effort to portray his version of Kenshin is appreciated! (Even by Takeru himself!)

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